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Herbal medicine treatments can help a variety of ailments and conditions. Consult Deborah Smith, MD, board-certified physician at Bella Vita Holistic Health, in Parker, Colorado, to learn how herbal medicine can enhance your health and fertility. Herbal medicine is available in extracts, tinctures, capsules, tablets, and teas. They are all-natural and can help ease acute and chronic conditions as well as improve your overall wellness and give you a healthy foundation for conception and pregnancy. Call the Bella Vita Holistic Health office today, or schedule an appointment online.

Herbal Medicine Q & A

What can herbal medications treat?

Almost any ailment you can cure with a pill, tablet, or medicated cream, you can treat with an herb. For example, use herbal tea to help with heartburn or colic, arnica cream for bruises and sore muscles, ginger for nausea, or peppermint oil for digestive distress. Respiratory, stomach, circulatory, and even mood disorders, such as depression, have effective herbal treatment alternatives. 

Additionally, herbal medicine can also be preventive and help maintain the quality of health and energy you desire. It can help you optimize your health and fertility as you prepare your body and try for pregnancy. Certain herbs, such as chasteberry and red clover, may help with hormone regulation, while others combine well with the gonadotropins used with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination to optimize your chances of becoming pregnant. 

What herbal medications are right for me?

The team at Bella Vita Holistic Health has extensive training in herbal medicine and botanicals in combination with an understanding of your current health history. They inquire about your lifestyle, exercise, diet, and plans to have a family. Dr. Smith and her team provide comprehensive consultations to enhance their understanding of your health and needs before recommending any herbal supplements.

Are herbs safe to take?

Yes, but treat your herbal supplements as medication. Herbs are complex and contain multiple bioactive compounds. Self-diagnosing is far less effective and potentially dangerous than getting customized advice from an expert.

Always tell your Bella Vita Holistic Health specialist, and other physicians treating you, about all medications you take - including herbs. Some herbs and drugs can interact. Herbs and medications can also have similar effects, and combining them may be dangerous. Some herbs can also negate the effects of certain drugs.

If you’re planning on having a baby or struggling to conceive, talk to Dr. Smith and her team about the herbal medicine that can enhance your overall health and boost your fertility. Also, if you’re already pregnant or nursing, talk to the experts at Bella Vita Holistic Health before starting or changing any herbal supplements.

Are herbal medications regulated?

No one body regulates herbal medications or oversees the practitioners. Herbs can be sold to anyone as dietary supplements. This is why it’s critical to see the experienced, naturopathic specialists at Bella Vita Holistic Health. They can guide you to the herbs that will help your condition and ensure you purchase quality products. Some brands of herbs may be contaminated or made mostly of fillers, rather than active ingredients.

Another advantage of working with a naturopathic physician is that they can recommend lifestyle and dietary adjustments that work in conjunction with the herbs to provide ultimate wellness and fertility. Call Bella Vita Holistic Health or make an appointment online today.