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If the saying, “you are what you eat” has any ounce of truth to it, nutritional therapy is the key to living your healthiest, best life. Holistic health specialist Deborah Smith, MD, and the team at Bella Vita Holistic Health in Parker, Colorado, offer nutritional therapy to complement your treatments for a variety of conditions, including infertility. To learn more about nutritional therapy, call the practice, or use the convenient online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

Nutritional Therapy Q & A

What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy helps individuals improve their health through a proper diet. It can help patients with a variety of conditions and health challenges. Nutritional therapy is not meant to completely replace other treatments for a disease, but, in combination with traditional treatment strategies, can improve wellness.

Who needs nutritional therapy?

Most people receive the nutrients our bodies require through the daily foods we eat, but some diseases, stress, or conditions may prevent the body from obtaining sufficient nutrients from our regular diet. Almost everyone can improve their health through nutritional therapy, but nutritional therapy greatly benefits people coping with infertility or other medical conditions.

How does nutritional therapy support fertility?

The food you eat provides the nutrients that your body needs to function correctly. When you’re trying to get pregnant, your body has slightly different needs to optimize its ability to sustain a new life. For example, physicians commonly recommend that women who are trying to conceive or who are already pregnant add folic acid to their diets and reduce potentially harmful foods such as fish that contain mercury, uncooked and unpasteurized foods, and nitrates and other preservatives. 

Dr. Smith and her team at Bella Vita Holistic Health take preconception and prenatal nutritional counseling to an even more personalized level. They assess your specific needs, identifying hormonal imbalances and nutrient deficiencies that can get in the way of conception. They create customized meal plans and recommend specific supplements and herbal medicines to help your body become a strong and healthy home for a new life. 

What can I expect at a nutritional therapy appointment?

When you schedule an appointment for nutritional therapy at Bella Vita Holistic Health, your nutrition specialist goes over your medical history and assesses your current health situation. You share your health symptoms and goals, and your practitioner creates a personalized nutritional plan based on your unique situation, health needs, and goals.

A nutritional plan includes a balanced meal plan and suggestions for alternatives for any food you should eliminate from your diet. Dietary changes are the primary ingredient to nutritional therapy, but, if necessary, your doctor prescribes supplements for vitamins or minerals your body requires to relieve symptoms and optimize your health.

Learn more about nutritional therapy and how it can improve your health and fertility. Call Bella Vita Holistic Health or schedule an appointment online today.